Arneg Osaka is a remote dairy cabinet which means that it has an external condensing unit that is normally positioned outside your premises with a pipe run to pump the cool air into your shop. This takes all the heat and noise generated from the The new Arneg Osaka is one of the most popular refrigeration cabinets in the convenience retail market.. Utilizing the latest technology, this Osaka is manufactured with energy saving doors to help keep those electricity bills to a minimum. We can find the right size to suit your needs by multiplexing these cabinets together to create a flawless looking run of chiller cabinets.

 Combining this superb chiller with an equally great quality condensing unit, you will have a refrigeration system that will stand the test of time. 

Glazed or Mirrored end-walls
Standard paint finish – WHITE
T5 Lighting
Single or Double Glazed Doors
Elliwell digital controller
Off cycle defrost
Light switch fitted as standard
Multiplexable to form longer runs
5 + Base shelving as standard
EPOS ticket strips
Option extras – undershelf lighting, energy efficient fans & extra shelves