The Revolutionary Arneg Air system was created for top quality food preservation with ultra-low energy consumption - that's why we love it and we are sure that you will too!


Arneg's patented Air System is a special air circulation system for refrigerated compartments that uses dynamic air blades to optimise energy efficiency.


The technology has been applied, and is available as an option, to the latest generation of the Osaka glass door multi-deck. Whilst the case is marginally more expensive than the standard option, the refrigeration duty is reduced and so the extra outlay on the case is recouped by way of smaller and less expensive remote plant. Overall there is no extra initial outlay and so there is no pay back period - energy saving and money saving starts from the moment we switch on your Osaka 3P Air system case


With the above in mind, we at Newman Refrigeration do not offer the standard system and only offer the Osaka 3P with the integrated Arneg Air System.